Hydraulic Bearings

OEM Hydraulic Bearings

The type of hydraulic bearings you need depends on the application. We bring you the most common styles of bearings to ensure a quick and seamless replacement when yours wear out or falter. Our experts can quickly identify the bearing style and provide a suitable replacement, minimizing downtime caused by faulty or failed bearings.

Circumferential Groove Bearings

Pressure Bearings

Multiple Groove Bearings


Our Expansive Inventory Of Bearings

We carry a wide range of hydraulic bearing styles and sizes, from some of the industry’s most-trusted hydraulic component manufacturers. Whether you need hydrodynamic or hydrostatic bearings, regardless of bearing size or housing material, we make sure you’re always getting what you need.

Hydraulic Bearings

Fluid bearings are incredibly important for so many diverse industrial power systems. While they’re sealed to prevent contamination or debris buildups, these components can wear down over time, resulting in inefficiencies or failure. When the time comes to replace hydraulic bearings, the team at Hydra-Tech Systems can help make sure you’re getting replacements that meet the demands of your specific use-case. Our inventory contains a broad range of hydraulic bearings for sale, from top industry OEMs.

Regardless of the size of the bearings, their temperature rating or other operational factors, we’ll make sure you get the best replacement for your system. Count on our team to not only supply the right hydraulic bearings, but also the expertise and oversight needed to get them up and running within your system.