Custom Hydraulic Equipment

Custom Components

We build custom-made power units and cylinders to your specifications. Our broad experience with hydraulic components means we can both iterate on an existing style or design, as well as mock up proprietary concepts for you, to ensure a turnkey solution to your need for fluid power. Our in-house team of machinists and fluid power specialists combine their knowledge to produce custom components that are reliable and lasting, exceeding your highest expectations for as long as your system is up and running.


Fluid Power System Design

When your need for a customized hydraulic solution exceeds any one single part, rely on us to orchestrate a complete system that delivers power in whatever capacity you need it. From motor and pump design to the complete circuit of tubing, hoses, couplings, connectors, adaptors, valves, meters and more, we’ll gladly work with you to design and create a turnkey hydraulic system that works as-intended.

Custom-Made Hydraulic Equipment

Fluid power systems come in all sizes and capacities, orchestrated around each unique use case. Whether you’re working with small-scale hydraulic equipment or a large-scale manufacturing value stream that relies on hydraulics, Hydra-Tech Systems takes pride in delivering custom hydraulic equipment that meets the demands of your environment and the task at hand.

Our capabilities extend to both micro and macro applications, including individual component machining and complete fluid power system orchestration. We’ll machine custom made hydraulic equipment to provide solutions for your existing hydraulic system or build you one that meets the expectations of your application.