Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Troubleshooting & Problem Identification

The key to solving hydraulic cylinder problems is understanding the nature of the issue. We take a thorough approach to identifying the root cause of failure or inefficiency and work backwards to understand the scope of the entire problem. This helps inform a better standard of repair—whether it’s a simple piston replacement or a complete part replacement due to widespread, catastrophic failure.

Custom Components

We build custom-made power units and cylinders to your specifications. Our broad experience with hydraulic components means we can both iterate on an existing style or design, as well as mock up proprietary concepts for you, to ensure a turnkey solution to your need for fluid power. Our in-house team of machinists and fluid power specialists combine their knowledge to produce custom components that are reliable and lasting, exceeding your highest expectations for as long as your system is up and running.

Custom Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulics Installation

Precision Testing

We’re committed to excellence from the moment we’re contracted to orchestrate a fluid power system. We check every individual component before and after it’s installed to ensure there are no defects passed. We also test assemblies to ensure proper function, as well as dump valves and emergency relief valves to ensure they’re working correctly. When we’re finished, you can rest assured the system will work flawlessly—and if it doesn’t, we’ll set it right.

System Troubleshooting

Hydraulic failures, no matter how small, create immediate and lasting problems for operators. Whether it’s a sudden loss of pressure, cavitation in the pump, leaking or some other issue, the need for hydraulic repair is imperative. Hydra-Tech Systems stands ready to deliver complete hydraulic repair services, from troubleshooting to part replacements and everything else required to get your system back up and running reliably again.

Hydraulics Repair