Hydraulic Fittings

Types Of Hydraulic Fittings

The right fitting goes a long way in ensuring the reliability of fluid power systems. We stock all types of fittings to ensure there’s a plug-and-play option readily available for your system. With threaded options in a variety of styles, you can also come to us looking for a specific gauge or material—chances are, we have it.

Straight fitting

Elbow fitting

Tee fitting

Cross fitting


Fitting Installation Services

Need a little help establishing the connections in your hydraulic system? We can connect fittings and coordinate hookups accordingly—then, test to make sure everything works as-expected. We know how important your hydraulic systems are, and how instrumental good fittings are to preserving their function. Expect us to handle fitment correctly, for lasting peace of mind.

Hydraulic Fittings

Connections and linkages are integral at every junction of a hydraulic system. To ensure they’re secure and steadfast takes the right fitting components. Hydra-Tech Systems brings customers a wide assortment of hydraulic fittings for sale, designed to ensure a snug connection that’s reliable within the operating parameters of your system. We also supply adapters to ensure smooth connectivity between differing couplings.

Our inventory of fittings includes all sizes, styles and ratings, from tee ORFS fittings to straight and cross fittings. Count on our team to not only supply the right hydraulic fittings, but also the expertise and oversight needed to get them up and running within your system.