Hydraulic Fittings, Couplings, & Adapters

Types Of Hydraulic Fittings

The right fitting goes a long way in ensuring the reliability of fluid power systems. We stock all types of fittings to ensure there’s a plug-and-play option readily available for your system. With threaded options in a variety of styles, you can also come to us looking for a specific gauge or material—chances are, we have it.

Straight fitting

Elbow fitting

Tee fitting

Cross fitting


Our Inventory Of Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Quick couplings need to function as their name implies: a quick connection that’s easily attached and detached. This convenience only happens when you select a coupler model that fits the parameters of your system. Let us introduce you to the right coupling system from within our expansive inventory. We’ll make sure you get a plug-and-play solution that functions efficiently.

Flat Face Couplers

High-Pressure Quick Couplers

Multi-Coupling Plates

Poppet Interchange Couplers

Threaded Flat Face Couplings

Threaded Poppet Couplers

A Full Inventory Of Hydraulic Adapters

In custom hydraulic systems, adapters play an important role in keeping fluid in-check and flowing reliably. When it comes to choosing an adapter with the right connections—one that’s pressure-rated and made of the right material—we’re on your side. We have the expertise to recommend the perfect adapter, no matter the nature of the connection. Best of all, our inventory is expansive enough that we can have it to you fast, for minimal downtime.

Beaded Hose Fittings

JIC Adapters

O-Ring Adapters

Pipe Adapters